April 26, 2011

Just Waiting

Well, we finally have things all settled and ready for the baby to come. Things got a little stressful for a bit as we waited on the Lord to provide a place for us to move to, but within a week of our lease being up at our old apartment God provided His answer. We are able to rent the condo that we have been trying to buy since November. It all worked out really great and God provided for us financially through a very generous giver to still be able to buy the condo since it is no longer an approved FHA housing unit. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out and we can finally buy this condo, we are just waiting for 2 more banks to approve the sale before going into escrow.

Thanks to many family members and friends, Neil and I have everything we need for Caleb. :) Now we are just waiting for Caleb to come. I am 39 weeks pregnant and I am so glad that I stopped working last week so that I can rest and clean before Caleb comes. I have been walking nearly everyday in hopes to speed things along, but so far he just doesn't want to come out yet.  I think Lucy knows a baby is coming because she has stuck to my side even more than usual and she will lick my stomach every now and then. :)  Hopefully he will come within the next week because we are all getting very impatient to see this little guy.


  1. Oh can't wait to see pics of him! Evening primrose oil can speed things along as well!

  2. Great blog! Looks like another week for Caleb lol. God certainily has blessed you guys with a cozy little place:)