January 17, 2011

Change is coming!

Well, it's been months since this blog has been updated. Mostly because we haven't had anything really exciting happening...except for the fact that Valerie is pregnant.

Yes, we neglected this blog for too long. To date, Val is about 25 weeks pregnant (somewhere around 6 months). We are going to have a boy and his name will be Caleb. We chose Caleb after Caleb in the Bible as he was an incredibly faithful man.

Hopefully we can keep our blog updated now that we've got something exciting happening now. This should be good motivation.

Not that having a baby is big enough change for us, but it looks like we'll be moving in mid April. Yes, we're starting to outgrow our little 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. We have our eyes set on a little townhome in Penasquitos.

However, exciting changes are not without trials. Valerie's hours at work have recently been cut and we are preparing for her maternity leave. Losing this income is significant to us with a new baby and a home buying process underway.

In the meantime, I've been officiating hockey games to try and pick-up some extra money. It's not fun, but the extra cash will be useful. 

The homebuying process has been trying as well. The property is a short sale and there have been some problems with the approval. The timing of the move and the baby is almost simultaneous and that has been a concern as well.

However, the Bible says that "without faith it's impossible to pleas God." Without trials, there would be no opportunities to please Him.

This has been a rollercoaster ride of blessings and trials. But we must count our blessings as we surely know that there are people in far worse shape. We know that the Lord will provide as long as we trust Him.


                                                        Val at about 25 weeks pregnant.

P.S. Lucy is doing great!

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